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Frekans Sağlık A.Ş. - About Us

FREKANS SAĞLIK A.Ş ,has been established in order to meet the needs of Public and Private Hospital Laboratories by reflecting the latest innovations to its products with the highest quality of service by following the medical and technological developments in the field.

FREKANS SAĞLIK A.Ş has been providing service with its creative and expert team which has had many years of working experience in the well-established and well known companies in the sector.

Our customer portfolio; Provincial Health Directorates, Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Private Laboratories, Municipal Public Health Laboratories, Hygiene Directorates, Dialysis Centers and Domestic-Overseas Medical Companies.

Laboratory consumable(s), laboratory medical devices, invitro diagnostic devices and invitro diagnostic kits has been found in our product portfolio.

Frekans Sağlık A.Ş aims to establish long-term relationships by evaluating the demands quickly. Frekans providing quality service to its customers with its experienced staff and contemporary perspective.

We believe that success will be achieved not only by offering the right products ,We believe that real success will be realized with mutual trust.

Our mission is;

To deliver the requested product to our customers with the highest quality service at the desired time.

>Our vision is;

To be one of the lead company that makes a difference for the end user in the health sector with latest technology products.